Posted by: toddzilla | January 15, 2007

Request #3 Why I Support Losing Teams and a Little Hip Hop

Well Shannon, Here is your request: “We’ll go with a little bit of both does hip hop help to overcome losing for the white male from North Carolina and does supporting losing franchises affect areas of daily life.”  It’s a bit fluid, but I will try to make it work without sticking my foot in my mouth.

Hip-Hop and losing teams…well, check out the myriad of videos and there is an awesome phenomenom going on.  Sure, most groups sport the gear of their local team i.e. ATL rappers are gonna have Braves caps, Hawks jerseys, Falcons Jerseys, and even Thrashers sweaters.  St. Louis rappers are gonna sport the Cardinals and the Rams, but the thing I like the most is when you see west coast groups, for example, sporting KC Royals gear or White Sox gear back when they stunk.  It’s great to see them wearing gear from teams that stink!  That’s awesome and inspiring!  So there’s the Hip-Hop aspect that my readers apparently love…

Now for my loyalties…or better put, my loser-ties.  I pull for a lot of loser teams and I think part of that goes to my dislike of the top dog.  I have always despised bandwagon fans.  Five years ago, you never saw a Red Sox or Patriots hat around NC, now they’re everywhere!  I know we have a lot of people moving in from other areas and that’s cool, I understand that.  I know a lot of New Yorkers/New Jersey-ers that pull for the Yanks and the Giants and that’s allgood, they’re supposed to.  But when I saw you in the 90’s with a Braves hat on and now you’re sporting the BoSox…that’s a different story.  But I digress…  Now, we didn’t have any pro teams here in NC when I was a kid…so I had to pick them.  Here’s my history.

I love baseball!  Its a great sport and its got to be good for your blood pressure (except late-innings and the playoffs).  My brother liked  the Dodgers when we were growing up (I think it had to do with Goose Gossage…what a great name).  So I, of course, started pulling for the Dodgers too.  Then I found out that its impossible to watch the Dodgers on the East Coast.  I didn’t really like the Braves because everybody here pulled for them (post-1990 it seemed…except for my good buddy from Georgia…he gets a pass…he’s a Braves local) and being an impressionable youth with a new cable box and access to WGN…I got hooked on Harry Carey and the Cubs back in the Ryne Sandburg, Mark Grace days.  Boy, what a mistake!  So today I still have a spot in my heart for the Dodgers and of course for my Cubbies…and well I guess Hip Hop rubbed off on me because I started pulling for the Tigers as my AL team a few years back because they have some sweet gear!  Well, that and up until last year, they really sucked.  For some reason that drags me in.  I’m a glutton for punishment.

Football…Now I have to pull for the Carolina Panthers because they are the home team, but they almost lost me after they drafted Chris Weinke!  But I grew up a Dallas fan…Down here you either liked the Redskins (like my parents) or the Cowboys like my brother and I.  Those were the good ol’ days of Danny White, Herschel Walker, John Riggins, and Joe Theisman.  I was thrilled when them ‘Boys pulled out the first 2 of their recent Super Bowl wins, but Jerry Jones’ ownership and the wild personalities really turned me off, especially Deion Sanders and Michael Irving.  I mean I did a complete 180.  I couldn’t stand that type of team mentality.  Flashback to 1985…Yes, I fell for the Super Bowl Shuffle.  I kinda cheated on my Cowboys with the likes of the Walter Payton (owner of the best sports nickname ever…Sweetness), Mike Singletary, Jim McMahon, and the Fridge.  It is a coincidence that my MLB team and my NFL team are both from Chicago.  I like the Bears blue-collar background and it has grown on me.  So today that leaves me with Chicago and Carolina.  I do have a soft spot for the Chargers because of NCSU alum Philip Rivers.  Man that Patriots game yesterday miffed me!  Just ask my wife…sorry gal!

NBA…well I don’t really watch NBA…I did pull for the Lakers during the Magic/Bird era.  I don’t really know why.

So that’s it…another long post about stuff that amazes me that you have requested.  I will devote a separate post to my love for NCSU.


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