Posted by: toddzilla | January 4, 2007

I’m ripping off a friend…


Loren asked his readers one time to give him a few ideas to blog on (check out his “From the Outside Looking In” link at the right).  I thought that was a great idea, so Loren, I’m ripping you off.  I hope you don’t mind.

I know all of you are wondering what my thoughts are on a number of topics and just how badly I can stick my foot in my mouth…With that in mind…I will post on the first 5 blog topics that you guys ask for.  I think I have 5 readers.  I may have to downgrade if I don’t get enough responses and my fragile ego will be shattered.

So, do you care what I think about music? Sports? Religion? Fashion? Politics? Selling hair tonic to bald eagles in Philadelphia?  If so, let me know and I will drop some knowledge.



  1. Your faith journey!

  2. comments on this video:

    Is this my fate!

  3. Todd you should write about the cultural impact of hip hop on white suburban culture as it relates to marriage and faith

  4. I agree with Greg and add my own twist: how that culture helps overcome a culture of sports losing.

  5. I should have known this wouldn’t be taken seriously…

    I could do:
    My faith journey
    The impact of Hip Hop culture on white folks
    Marriage and faith
    Why I pull for loser teams

    How does that sound?

    Any more ideas people?

  6. I want one post with all of those topics personally. And I am offended that you don’t think that I am serious!

    I am as serious as a kid who realizes his sister ate the last of the Peanut Butter Captain Crunch.

  7. Alright alright…I’ll do it.

    So I’ve got 3 topics already:
    -My faith journey
    -The impact of hip-hop on white folks as it relates to marriage and faith
    -How hip-hop culture helps overcome sports losing??? Is that what you wanted Shannon? or “Why I pull for loser teams”? Gimme a little bit more here

    Gasp…Dare I say it…I need 2 more subjects

  8. We’ll go with a little bit of both does hip hop help to overcome losing for the white male from North Carolina and does supporting losing franchises affect areas of daily life.

    Or you could talk about your favorite Cap’n Crunch cereal or wait for it….

    Which is a better show Scrubs, House or MASH?

  9. Alright Shannon…I’m on it! I will do the hip-hop and losing sports franchise post…As for the other two…here it goes:

    I can’t decide which Cap’n Crunch is the best, but they are both murder on the roof of your mouth! I’ve always thought (and this is the honest truth) that if I ever get a tattoo, it will be of Cap’n Crunch…on my buttcheek.

    Never really watched MASH, scrubs rocks especially over House because every House episode has this outline (its like Mad-libs)

    9:00-Show starts patient is admitted, symptoms are weird but fairly mild. House et al bat around several mild causes…pneumonia, celiac’s disease, allergic reaction to shellfish (Diagnosis A if you will)

    9:15-Symptoms show up that are not typical of Diagnosis A, House prompts patient for more info…patient lies to House to keep some secret from family. Docs constant bat around more exotic illnesses whose symptoms match new symptoms, but not the original symptoms…This is Diagnosis B House bats all ideas down and takes some pills and points at stuff with his cane.

    9:30-Symptoms become life-threatening and in an attempt to confirm Diagnosis B House must perform some test that could be costly/deadly to patient i.e. internal Brain checkout for a champion chess player or vasectomy for Shawn Kemp…Patient lies to House more, family is shown disaproving of House and his methods because they believe the patient is a saint.

    9:45- Diagnosis B is ruled out, patient survives tests But their lies are becoming more obvious due to numerous camera shots of glances exchanged between them and their family…Diagnosis C is brought up. Usually something ultra-rare and exotic like Gustafsen’s disease from Scotland or something. Patient lies like Nick Saban…goes into some sort of arrest, cardiac, pulmonary, pancreatic, spleenic..something.

    9:50-Doc’s want House to pursue idiotic Diagnosis C because that HAS to be it…this patient needs a cranium-ectomy because they OBVIOUSLY have Gustafsen’s disease and need their head removed to live! House either pokes somebody with his cane or punches somebody.

    9:55-House discovers (while the patient is on the operating table under the radial-arm saw about to get his cranium-ectomy) that the symptoms are due to some bird seed stuck in his ear Diagnosis D. Come to find out the patient is extremely embarassed that he is an avid bird watcher. Patient leaves with his family to heal their obvious emotional shortcomings. Then patient accepts guaranteed contract at ‘Bama.

    9:57-House pops some pills and flirts with that lawyer/hospital administrator chick…

    So with all that…Scrubs is the best show…by far!

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