Posted by: toddzilla | January 3, 2007

I’m 0-fer in College Football This Year

I should probably give up watching college football.  As far as I can remember this year, every single game that I watched where I actually cared about the outcome…the team I was pulling for lost!  Starting way back with the Cal/Tennessee game the first week.  I’m no Vols fan, so I was pulling for Cal…oh well.  The worst week was when NCSU was embarassed by UNC (which is becoming a theme) and then Michigan lost to Ohio State.  I have a lot a friends that are OSU fans, but I had a close friend go to Michigan, so I pull for them…they’re my Big 10 team.  “I have a lot of friends that are OSU fans”….doesn’t that sound like a prelude to the defense of a racist comment?  Anyway…It then passed into Arkansas losing to Florida on a chump punt return drop (I still feel sorry for that guy).

Now for the bowls…I watched Nevada throw that INT that gave Miami the game…I dislike Miami…and all of the Florida schools for that matter.  Strongly dislike them…Then, of course USC spanked Michigan.  Did anybody else notice how USC’s D-Line just abused Michigan’s O-Line?  Wow!  This has culminated so far with Wake Forest losing a tough one to Louisville last night.  I’m planning on watching ND and LSU tonight, so hopefully the spell may be broken, but I imagine the Domers will win to keep my streak alive.  The Florida/OSU game…well I could care less who wins that one, so it doesn’t matter.

 Every game I watched of my beloved NCSU wolfpack resulted in a loss, but with this past year, I’m sure that happened to a lot of pack fans.  After the UNC game, I resolved not to wear NCSU gear until Amato was canned…that didn’t take long.  I’ve wanted him gone since he first wore those god-awful red shoes.  I know, I  know it sounds like revisionist history, but I did…honest!

I know what you’re probably thinking…”well who does Todd like or dislike?”  Well here’s the list:

Like: ACC-NCSU (of course), Wake Forest(I respect the program and hav epulled for them because of the underdog phenomenom…I always pull for underdogs), GT

SEC-Georgia (I had some good friends growing that were Dawgs fans), LSU ( I just like the atmosphere in the Bayou and the team play), Auburn

Big 10:Michigan (see above), Penn State (cool, plain unis! oh and the Penn State/State Penn gag from the old Police Squad show)

Big 12: Texas A&M (I strongly dislike Texas)

PAC 10: Do they have football out there?  I like defensive teams…so nobody really stands out there

Dislikes: ACC-FSU (Can’t stand Felonious State), UNC (obvious reasons)

SEC-Florida, Tennessee, Alabama (when is Bear Bryant’s zombie gonna come back to life and quiet their footballs fans?…good luck to you Nick Saban…you’re in the running for worst decision of 2007 already!)

Big 10: OSU (I think you have to check “thug” on your application to even be considered for the team), Wisconsin

Big 12: Texas (talk about perennial chokers!  They didn’t even win the championship they…uh, won i.e. Vince Young’s knee vs. turf), Oklahoma (Geez is there a bigger waste of bowl space than Oklahoma?…well maybe ND, but does anybody remember the year they made it to the championship over LSU and got their tail handed to them by USC?) I despise Oklahoma and Nebraska even though they probably fielded the best college football team of all time in ’91.

PAC 10-Oregon based on their uniforms alone.

I’m sure I’ve ticked off a lot of people, so go ahead and tell me the teams you like or dislike…and feel free to ask me why I like or dislike your team.  Maybe…just maybe I can give a decent answer.



  1. Poor Todd. I’ve only seen one game really this year. Didn’t like the first half. Almost left after the onside kicked. Stayed. Enjoyed the third quarter. Lost my voice by the fourth quarter and celebrated with 20,000 other fans walking back to my truck.

    Of course, seeing a bowl game victory for a Mountianeer fan is few and far between in my lifetime.

  2. Todd,

    Don’t tell me you weren’t rooting for Boise State. I mean they were an underdog, pulling against hated OU and they won with 2 of the greatest back yard football gimmick plays of all time. Seriously, before the game do you think they watched all the old football movies where the underdog wins on the last play so that they could get some ideas. How many movies does the team win on either a hook and ladder or a statue of liberty play? I can think of at least 3 that win it with some version of those 2. The only one they didn’t run was the old hand off, throw it back to the Qb running down the sidelines play from Waterboy. That probably would have been for the 2nd OT.


  3. G- Oh yeah I enjoyed ol’ BS beating Oklahoma. That was an awesome game! Like you said…a football movie in real life. I bet Boise players lay in the yellow lines in the highway during the week! Halle Berry has got to be tutoring one of those guys. The catch is…I didn’t get a chance to actually watch that game, so it doesn’t break my streak. Seeing the ol’ Statue of Liberty on Sportscenter almost made me cry…the stuff of all my backyard huddles happening on TV…beautiful, just beautiful. I bet Boise State huddled up and actually drew the plays out on their hands! Quoting the QB…”okay…you go out wide left and you go out wide right…then about 8 yards out…crossover and I’ll hit the open guy” Classic backyard play!…the ol’ crossover and lose your cover! That was a beautiful game.

  4. I can’t wait for ESPN Classic to replay this one. I missed it driving back from Florida. I didn’t bother listening to it on the radio because I figured Oklahoma would roll Boise State over. Who knew that Boise State would take Oklahoma to the woodshed?!?!

    I don’t think it was the greatest college bowl game ever played, from what I’ve seen of the highlights. That hype is an overreaction by the talking heads at ESPN who jump on and off bandwagons more often than Donald Trump and Rosie O’Donnell trade barbs at one another.

  5. Before reding my rant, I must first state that I am an avid Ohio State fan, and an NCSU fan (though my loyalties allow me to be less biased when talking about NC State than Ohio State).

    You had to know I would defend my Buckeyes. Theirs isn’t a program full of thugs as you said. There was Clarett, who got into trouble in the offseason, when he wasn’t under supervision of the program like he would be during the season. The University kicked him off the team, and the NCAA found that the football program did nothing wrong. There was Troy Smith, who took money, then paid it back and turned himself in. The first decision was bad, but he made it right before anyone told him he had to. And I can imagine I would be tempted, too if I grew up in the projects and spent a good part of my childhood in foster care. And there is no way you can argue his character now, he’s a model student, a model athlete and a model citizen. And he continues to do a lot for the kids in the poor neighborhood he grew up in. Other than that, the football program has been as clean as any other Division 1 A football program.

    Hate Ohio State, but find a better reason. Especially if you can claim to be an NCSU basketball fan. Let’s not forget the alleged crookedness of the Valvano era, though the only things that the NCAA found wrong was players selling game balls. And rememver that State had multiple NCAA infractions under Norm Sloan, and could verly likely have a 3rd National Championship without their recruiting indescretions (See the 1972-1973 undefeated Pack led by David Thompson that was on probation). Hate the Buckeyes, but find a good reason, any reason, even if it’s “just because”. That would be more credible than the notion that it’s a team of thugs.

    It can be easy to hate the Buckeyes, though, because, as they say “When you’re head and shoulders above the rest, you’re an easy target”.

  6. Miami has more thugs than Ohio State.

  7. Grant-
    Thanks for the even-keeled humbling retort. In my defense…I never said “hate”…but that’s about all I have to stand on. You are right, when I think about it OSU has run a clean ship. The Mo’ Clarrett thing wasn’t OSU’s doing, it was Mo’s. OSU has had some talk of boosters and b-ball money, but what school hasn’t. Michigan had the whole Chris Webber thing (discovered after he left). So, in short, I agree with you and stand corrected. I think I let the Clarrett thing combined with the triple OT NCSU loss cloud my better judgment. They are head and shoulders above the rest and would really have to give the BCS championship away.

    NCSU has a very tarnished record and I cannot defend that at all. I was extremely worried during the coaching search that Calipari or even Barnes would be hired, because I would much rather lose with integrity than win without it.

    I am humbled, please accept my apologies. I would offer to pull for OSU Monday tomake up for it, but you know…I am 0-fer so far! So that wouldn’t help…maybe I could offer to pull for Florida.

    Shannon-You’re right Miami has got many more thugs…along with FSU and Va Tech!

  8. Wait, if you pulled for LSU last night you got at least one win.

  9. Yeah I did, but I only watched the first half…does that count? Am I cured? can I watch College FB next year?

  10. You watched more than I did. I watched the first few minutes and thought it would be a route so I turned it off.

  11. Gotta post.

    Although I was humbled this year—-GO BLUE!

    “Hail! to the victors valiant
    Hail! to the conqu’ring heroes
    Hail! Hail! to Michigan
    the leaders and best
    Hail! to the victors valiant
    Hail! to the conqu’ring heroes
    Hail! Hail! to Michigan,
    the champions of the West!”

    Buckeyes suck!

    BTW, I think I was O-fer too on the bowl games

  12. Have to defend the Pac-10, being I went to 2 schools out there. UO may have ugly uniforms, which only helps them get noticed (call it a defensive strategy). USC killed Michigan; however we need to note one of their losses this year was to Oregon State. Who by the way had a magnificent win, making for a great game!

  13. Heidi! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

    Oregon’s Unis definitely get them noticed! Maybe they should set up a team-wide appearance on Queer Eye.

    I have to give the Oregon schools some props for being the upset kings this year…O State knocking off USC and then this weekend Oregon bumping off UCLA’s b-ball team.

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