Posted by: toddzilla | December 21, 2006

Confession time

Alright…confession time.  I’m a closet Carpenters fan.  Well, I don’t jam out to them all the time, but when they come on the radio…I’m feeling it.  Why do birds suddenly appear?  Because the Carpenters rock!  Karen’s story is a shame…I think she was 85 pounds at her death.  Her voice was just so warm and perfect for the feelgood tunes of the 70’s.  America was tired of the social “heaviness of the 60’s, so in comes the pop-rock of the 70’s and the Carpenters were at the forefront of the movement.  At it’s worst with disco…ewwwww…to some serious apexes with the burgeoning hard rock of Zep and Sabbath (I know I know they started in ’67 and ’68, but they reached their own in the 70’s), the Nuge, and of course the disco-killing Queen (thank goodness).  But anyway…

 Yeah, it’s embarassing, but sometimes you can’t hold this stuff in.  So I’m inviting you to tell me your most embarassing musical preferences.



  1. I owned a Spice Girls CD.

    Billy Joel (I’m not buying the ticket), Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, and the BeeGees.

  2. I with you Todd. I know those birds.

  3. oh no todd, say it ain’t so.
    (Whisper) but i did go see Nelson in concert once.

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