Posted by: toddzilla | December 20, 2006

Advent: Part Deux…Peace (a little late)

Well, apparently the second major theme of Advent is peace.  First hope, now peace.  I guess peace has gotten a connotation from the hippie days of the peace movement seeking an end to armed conflict, but Advent’s peace goes deeper of course.  To discuss it further…let’s look at it more broadly.  I guess I look at a Christian’s spiritual journey as a set of stages.  One building upon the other.  I haven’t really lined them up and thought them out, but I guess conviction would pretty early in the game where one realizes that there is more to life and that God is it.  then comes confession and supposedly repentance, but I think repentance is lifelong in itself.  Along the way we study God and Christ’s walk either literally via scripture or by observing others more practiced in the faith.  all these things we study and notice build our faith, a buzzword that is thrown around quite a bit, but is in essence believing in what is not seen.  In this case God’s presence in our lives and his hand in this world’s working and of course the fact that he died for our sins.  I suppose true faith would then lead us to earnestly accept this fact and that would lead to hope.  Hope that God could take us from where we are…full of sin and a creature of this world.  Once faith spawns hope, then it is up to us to place that hope in God.  I know you’ve been reading this for my thoughts on peace (thanks for actually wanting to know my thoughts on peace)…anyway…So here we are, with a growing faith and subsequent hope that blossoms as we recall and presently notice God’s hand in our lives…then we place that hope in God who has made the sacrifice that has cleansed us and made us worthy.  From this epiphany…not just the thought of it…putting 2 and 2 together to equal 4, not just reading it as I have it here, but a true, heart-felt, attitude altering epiphany that God REALLY can make us worthy no matter what we’ve done in the past.  no matter who we are or perhaps more importantly, who we think we are and how awful we may think we are or how undeserving of any redemption we  think we may be…well I guess this is peace.  I’m not sure, I haven’t gotten there yet.  But there are several things that give me bits and pieces of, well, peace.  Here are some of them:

-kids-just watching them before their little minds are corrupted by the things they pick up from parents and society

-the sky-it amazes me everytime and with every color shade

-an afternoon baseball game-the pace of baseball has to be good for blood pressure…except for playoff games…or when men are in scoring position.

-Jazz-Coltrane, Tyner…enough said

-a hobby-I need to find one…I’m working on that

What are some things that bring you bits of peace.  More importantly…much more importantly think about what stage you’re at on that spiritual journey I talked about earlier.  These things I just talked about…they’re temporary.  Where are you when it comes to true peace.  The peace of waiting, in Advent for Christ.


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