Posted by: toddzilla | December 15, 2006

She dropped a bomb on me…baby!


A good friend of mine has a blog started and I want to steal a bit of his thunder…Here’s the link

Well I made the point or supposition, rather, that two of the many stages of a relationship’s progress are often overlooked.  The first stage is important and is when you feel free enough around your gal…to “let one rip”.  Its an extension of the old standby of trust in a relationship.  When you reach the “ripping” stage, then you feel that she trusts you enough not to run in terror from your lunch…in its gaseous state.

The other stage, however, is monumentous…it’s when she feels comfortable enough to fight back!  When she decides to let ’em fly too…well then…that’s love!  Sometimes I just try my best to get the biggest reaction from her.  Somehow that just affirms my purpose in the household.

We have many wonderful memories in our relationship, my wife and I.  From me proposing on a beautiful spring day in the arboretum to the beautiful day we spent at Niagara Falls, the birth of our nephew and the beautiful children of our friends, the joy of our first real Christmas tree this year…and, of course, that time I launched one and she bolted up with a look of shock on her face and her momentum just tumbled her right off the bed.  Yes, I’ve actually knocked her off the bed with one of my arse-to-air missiles.  It makes me tear up to just think about it.  I am her husband…her provider…her provider of the sound and the fury!

Here’s to trust in a relationship…and my wife never reading this post



  1. Pepe would be so proud of us.

  2. Todd, you’re always good for a laugh. Cheryl falling off the bed in reaction to your fart… priceless!

  3. Shock and awe!

  4. Never in the tub!

  5. That’s a poor man’s whirlpool! Hey-yo!

  6. Thanks for sharing!

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