Posted by: toddzilla | December 7, 2006

New coach for the Wolfpack

Well, it looks like my alma mater has nailed down Tom O’Brien to replace Amato.  I think its a good hire, NCSU needed a higher profile name to replace Amato and I think this is due to the fact that the past few coordinator-to-head-coach experiments haven’t worked out so well…O’Cain and Amato at NCSU, Torbush, and Bunting at UNC, for example.  I’m not sure that hiring LSU’s or Tennessee’s O coordinator would generate enough buzz to start a new coach off right.

 Not to knock Paul Johnson, but I just don’t think that his style of offense, while effective, isn’t what NCSU needs to jumpstart recruiting and fight off in-state rivals along with the SEC and ACC rivals.  Similar to the Sendek phenomenom…successful program with the oft-called “Princeton-style” offense, but not high-powered enough to enable NCSU to out recruit UNC and Duke.  Of course, delusional NCSU fans must realize that we are third fiddle to UNC and Duke when it comes to B-ball.

 O’Brien seems to bring what Amato lacked…discipline…and I am excited and hopeful that this will translate to smarter play on the field and a better ability to keep the coordinators around (which I feel was Amato’s major downfall).  His senior players have had, what, 3 different O-coordinators?  Its hard to grow and realize a recruits talents if he has a new coordinator each year.

 So, here’s to the ‘Pack, hopefully, not getting embarassed by the boys in light blue over the next several years…



  1. O’Brien is a good pick-up and a shock. You hear rumblings that he wanted out of Boston, but you never thought he would take the bait. I think it will be a good fit for him and for NCSU.

    State needed someone with experience and a record of being on the ball when it comes to discipline. There are several games throughout this past season and in years past under Amato that can be attributed to penalties and lack of effort on the field.

    The fact his coordinators and coaches have stuck with him for a few years is also a good sign of his character.

  2. My question is why would you trade in the Jesuits and Beantown for the Pack? Seriously, doesn’t this seem like a downgrade for O’Brien?

  3. O’Brien was getting NO support from beantown. I don’t think they care for college sports when they have the Celtics, Sox, and Pats. Its my understanding that O’Brien approached NCSU. It seems like a leteral move institution-wise, but I think its a major upgrade attitude-wise (from the fan-base).

    Thanks for stopping by G-Vegas!

  4. It’s a lateral move, but you’re right, Todd, this seems like it would be a better situation for him.

    For someone to coach Boston College, you have to know you’re going to be No. 8 on the pecking order in Boston, and many coaches don’t want to be that far down on the pecking order.

  5. Let’s not forget, State now has some of the best facilities in the nation (Thanks Chuck). With the right person at the helm, better facilities = better recruiting. I think it’s a good move for him. In terms of the prestige of the program, it’s probably a lateral move, but he is definitely upgrading in terms of facilities and support. He has some ties to the Northeast and recruiting there, and it’s a lot easier to get a kid from the north to travel South than to get a kid from the South to travel North for school.

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