Posted by: toddzilla | December 1, 2006

My account is at 0 credits…

My latest obsession

Yes, I’m sure you married guys all know the account I’m talking about.  It’s not a bank account, hence the “credits” thing…It’s the “Wifey” account.  don’t get me wrong now, I’m not trying to make the missus look bad (I love you babe!) she really is such an awesome gal…a true gift from God.  but like any relationship, us guys have to store up credits in our account, so we can blow them on either stupid purchases or stupid acts.  My account took a serious hit when I used all my charm, took out the garbage expeditiously, watched Grey’s Anatomy (but never Lost…I hate that show!), and pratically begged my wife for a Palm Treo…I am terribly forgetful and awful with my own personal schedule.  The Treo rocks by the way!  Guys…store up your credits now.

But the account is now empty because I talked her into a new guitar.  I have…let’s see…6 guitars already, but I desperately need this one because its much more playable and of course has a totally different tone and a pickup.  I play each Sunday morning at church (thanks to an infinitely patient worship minister) so, when I had to pull out all the stops and drain my “Wifey account” with a carefully placed “Its for the Lord, dear”.  I know this is wrong on many levels, but I was half-kidding when I said it.

 Tell me about some of your latest or goofiest obsessions…Have you ever had buyer’s remorse?  Also, any ideas how I can quickly get my account back up with some serious credits?



  1. Buyer’s remorse, oh there have been so many. Mainly the house I purchased in West Virginia, because I knew the financial drain it was going to be. That and buying those tickets to the WVU-South Florida game last weekend.

    As for getting the wifey account back into the black, instead of the red, I suggest doing something out of the ordinary that she would really like, but wouldn’t necessarily expect. Maybe a nice candelight dinner, get her something really nice an unexpected but something she had been dreaming about for Christmas, or actually root for the Buffalo Bills.

  2. I hear you. That is why it is always good to load up the account in advance. I am undoubtedly getting some serious man freedom this weekend because I threw an expensive and festive b-day party for the mrs. last January. The key with the account is to give the wife a lot of credit and purchasing power in advance of your purchases.

  3. My newest obsession is free.

  4. Shannon-

    I don’t think it would be physically possible to root for the B-Lo Bills. If the forces of loser-dom combined in my head to pull for the Cubbies, NCSU, AND the Bills…it would probably create a vortex of suckiness that would result in a loser-team blackhole and the sports world as we know it would implode!

  5. First of all, congrats on your blogging. Make sure you don’t post anything that will put you on any “Security Watch Lists”.

    I agree with both Greg and Shannon that in order to build wifey credits, you have to do the big things. However, I find that I get more credits when I do the little things consistently. I run the vaccuum without being asked or as a surprise when Leslie is gone (She’s a clean freak, so that’s the typ of thing she really notices). I offer to make dinner on an ordinary weeknight and I do the dishes afterwards. It doesn’t have to be a big thing, she just enjoys not having to worry about it. The key is doing some things that she wants you to do, before she asks you to do them. Let’s face it, we’re going to end up doing those things anyways, but it counts for more if we do it before being asked.

  6. Thanks to everyone for all the feedback!
    Grant-You must be in the Husband Hall of Fame. I mentioned your comment to Cheryl and her eyes lit up. Not to mention the fact that she has boldy told me that I need to do things without being asked…Geez! That’s bordering on being thoughtful and stuff! I’m only a man!!! I can’t do and be everything!…But I guess I could try.

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